2018 Is here and it still looks like the ash blonde/ silver hair is still going strong in the fashion stakes. I wanted to write a blog on this hair colour to explain a little more on how to acheive and how to maintain this beautiful colour. 

To get this colour you need to either be blonde, have blonde highlights or full head bleach. This should be acheived through a hairdresser so that we can safely get your hair to nearly white to gain the ash blonde look with a toner afterwards. Hair needs to reach that nearly white stage first to remove the yellow tones to gain the silver ones. People with naturally light or ash coloured hair can acheive this alot easier and faster than someone with dark, red or warm toned hair. Hair that has also been dyed dark, black or box dyed/henna can be extremely hard to lift out and you may never get to that white blonde without damaging your hair. This is when silver hair extensions can come in and help you out by adding colour without dying your own hair. 

While you are in our salon we offer a toner service. A toner is usually applied wet but can be applied dry for a more strong silver finish. A toner is a semi permanant hair dye that takes out the warm yellow/brass tones one bleach has been applied and can create the silver/ash/grey look. However they do fade out. You can book a toner service inbetween or you can top it up at home with Fudge silver shampoo. This shampoo contains a strong toner and will tone your locks every time you wash your hair. The more ash you want your hair the more you should use this shampoo. We sell this in salon at £12.95 pick up yours to help keep that blonde ashy. 

My last word of advice when going grey/ash/silver blonde is it cannot always be acheived within one appointment. A free colour consultation can be booked online with us so that we can determine how many appointments this will take to achieve. It may not always be a smooth ride and you may never achieve the result of others but this is personal to each client.

If you would like more info please book a free colour consultation. 


Sam (owner of Blonde)


Blonde hair salon

How to acheive that ash blonde/silver hair​